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I'm SO excited you're joining us to learn how to knit! I think you'll be amazed at all the ways you'll find your life enriched by this artistic skill! 

To complete your sign up... Just fill in your info below, choose your class, and your supplies option, hit Subscribe, and you're good to go!

Two quick housekeeping notes...
  1. If you're purchasing a Knitters' Starter Kit: 
    • I accept payment in U.S. dollars via Paypal, so please be sure to enter an email address that is linked to your Paypal account.
    • I will email you an invoice, and you can complete payment from there.
    • Remember, if you decide by the end of the class that knitting isn't your thing, I'll gladly accept kit returns and provide refunds.
  2. This is an in-person class, not an online class. If you need to switch your date & time due to scheduling conflicts, just email me at: and we'll take care of you! 
Can't wait to meet you!

~Sarah Inskeep
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